Monday, November 21, 2016

Quick Lifestyle Update

Well, I wish I had better news about my whole I'm gonna lose weight! shit, but I don't.

I did lose about 3 pounds so far, but I am attributing that to stress more than anything.

I have been using a food service, much like Blue Apron, but this one is a Minnesota company that uses local ingredients. Plus I think their recipes are more my style. I've been LOVING every recipe I've gotten. Even the ones I wasn't that crazy about have been fixable. It's getting me to love cooking again and I've been keeping my favorite recipes to remake in the future.

I also have been feeling a lot better lately because I am finally getting some answers to my breathing issues. I'm on an inhaled medication that I take once in the morning and at night. I've barely even used my rescue inhaler since I've started this. Now, I can work out and only feel a little like dying [like normal] rather than actually feeling like my airway is for real closing. 

So overall, I feel like I'm in this weird life is sucking but also going better at the same time?
Seems like such is life. 

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