Saturday, October 15, 2016

September 2016 Empties!

A tad late in the month but here we go!

I used up 2 Bath & Body Works Wallflowers, both I'm sure are in the Golden Peach Sparkle. I love peach scents. [I have 2 bathrooms so that's why I can use up 2 at a time] Also The Sparkling Pear Riesling [YUM] and the Happy Halloween [hello packaging] candles!

 My favorite dry shampoo ever. Elizabeth + James Nirvana White Dry Shampoo. Expensive yes but only used when I need extra cute hair. Love it. Forever Repurchase! I LOVED this Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream for hair that I got in a Birchbox I believe. I may pick up the full size once I get through more hair stuff. Another favorite is this Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Masque. Love it. The tub lasts me forever.

Two Witch Baby Soap Bath Bombs... I used the Charity one which smells good and some of the proceeds go towards a charity close to the shop owner. And also the Harvest Moon Bath Bomb. I didn't get to use it on the actual full moon [which I like to use the Moon themed ones on] but it smelled so good. AND THEIR MERMAID BODY SCRUB. I am obsessed with this scrub. It smelled like..... not quite tropical but still beachy. What I think of when I think about the beaches out West as you head further north... And the Origins Clear Improvement Body Wash. This is a body wash with charcoal in it. It smelled very spa like and I definitely want to repurchase it. I wouldn't say it totally cleared my body acne, but I feel like it helped clarify my shoulders, chest and back. 

Holy skincare Batman! I love the Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray. I do have one more bottle in my stash but I think I'm going to hold off on repurchasing for a while... A Nugg Face Mask, which I think was Shea Butter and Chamomile. It was okay. A basic Face Moisturizer sample from Fortune Cookie Soap, which wasn't my favorite but I used it at night and it was okay. Philosophy's Microdelivery Peel. I love this two step exfoliating kit. I use it when I REALLY need some serious face scrub time. My favorite Glam Glow Mask. A deluxe sized sample of the L'Occitane Cleansing Oil. This stuff was really nice! I'd think about buying the full size. 
A sample of Chanel Makeup Remover. It was nice, but I'm not a huge fan of the dual phase type of removers that you have to shake, but it was nice to try. The Green Tea Face Mask from Sephora Brand. One of my favorite sheet masks! A sample of Origins Original Skin Mask. It was like a clay mask that wasn't super clay.....ish? It was cool and I'd try another sample or if I found it on sale, I'd buy it. And finally Clinique's Take the Day Off Make Up Remover Wipes. They weren't the greatest but not the worst. I mostly kept them in my overnight bag for when I would crash at my mom's or a friend's place... or if I was just a lazy POS and didn't want to wash my face at night. 

Q-tips which is everyones must have. Equaline Regular Nail Polish Remover. I bought this when we moved into our apartment because I didn't have any with me and I was dying to do my nails. This stuff wasn't the best but whatever. A travel size Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste. I usually just get this for traveling and once it gets low I just use it up at home. And these Premium Cotton Ovals. Pretty okay. Would repurchase if needed.

Finally makeup! I used up all of the samples of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluids. I liked the Pink [which I bought], Green [want to buy] and I would try the Lavender and Yellow again. Peach was a bit too dark which is okay but I still tried it. Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Mystifying Mattifying Pressed Powder. This powder fucking rocks. I went through it a bit fast but I will repurchase once I get through a few more powder products. Speaking of, I used up this tub of It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Loose Powder. I loved this stuff as well! I'm trying the pressed version right now but we'll see which I like better in the end. Last but definitely not least is the Jay Manuel Beauty [do y'all remember him from ANTM?! I fucking loved him. My silver haired fox.] The Everything Mascara. This mascara fucking rocked. You can twist the end of the handle and change the length of the brush; shorter for volume, longer for length. IT'S AWESOME.

Hard to believe that soon I'll have to put up October empties!

Monday, October 10, 2016

As Minnesotans say... Uffda.

So, this isn't really a makeup related post, but more so lifestyle.

I've been feeling really down lately about my outward appearance and now health for a while. I've struggled to stay feeling confident in myself, even though that is the type of woman I want to be.

There have been MANY times I've vowed to change only to fail soon after. But any other time I've done this I've never been so vocal about it online.


Maybe this will help me stay accountable. I'm not going to write what my current weight is. But I will stay updated on whether I've lost, gained or stayed the same.

Today I woke up before my alarm went off and since I couldn't fall back asleep, I got up and watched a couple YouTube videos, the news and part of The Price is Right because it's the best show ever.

Strangely, I felt the desire to hit up the gym. I also have been in the mood to start a new book because I haven't read in forever. Lately, it seems like I've had a hard time just sitting down to read because I'd rather catch up on blogging or YouTube.... so getting my ass on the elliptical seemed like a great way to start a book.

Being the good wife I am, I woke up my husband and asked if he'd like to join me. He said no, which is fine. I don't mind being in the gym alone; since it's right next to our apartment, I just bopped on over.

45 minutes and a decent dent in my new book and I feel great. I just got out of the shower and feel super ready to kick today's ass.

Gonna make a quick brunch and tackle some chores!

I hope you all [whoever and wherever you are] have a great day today!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eye Look

Hi friends!

Just posting a look I did a while ago. I had this idea to do a deep navy eye with a plummy/burgundy mascara. In my mind, this would look amazing and edgy, but in reality, it failed a bit and just looked like any normal look.

I'll probably try it again and try to make the mascara brighter! Probably a white liner or white lash primer.

This was done using the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow palette. I wasn't very impressed with this palette in the beginning, unsure why I even bought it. However, I've been playing more with it and learning to love it!

The mascara I used was the MAC Zoom Lash in Beets Me. It's really a gorgeous color! Clinique also does a great one that I may try next time.

And yay for more glittery fallout! My inner corner highlight is my main B Kat Von D Thunderstruck.