Monday, October 3, 2016

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eye Look

Hi friends!

Just posting a look I did a while ago. I had this idea to do a deep navy eye with a plummy/burgundy mascara. In my mind, this would look amazing and edgy, but in reality, it failed a bit and just looked like any normal look.

I'll probably try it again and try to make the mascara brighter! Probably a white liner or white lash primer.

This was done using the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow palette. I wasn't very impressed with this palette in the beginning, unsure why I even bought it. However, I've been playing more with it and learning to love it!

The mascara I used was the MAC Zoom Lash in Beets Me. It's really a gorgeous color! Clinique also does a great one that I may try next time.

And yay for more glittery fallout! My inner corner highlight is my main B Kat Von D Thunderstruck.

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