Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holiday cookies

So along with my Christmas mani, now I can finally post about one of my favorite things besides makeup, nail polish and art..... baking!

I love baking and I am working on my cooking skills. My favorite thing to do ever is decorate cookies.


I [sometimes] don't even want to eat the cookies. I really enjoy decorating them! I used to love that show Ace of Cakes and sometimes I'll still watch Cupcake Wars or something.. but nothing beat Ace of Cakes. If I were not at school for photography, my third choice [after photography, then cosmetology/makeup artistry/esthetician] would be to go to culinary school for pastry.

Most of the time, I like to bake everything from scratch. But sometimes, when you find something that tastes amazing and is easy, just keep doing it. Every year I order at least one tin of Pumpkin Spice cookie mix from Williams Sonoma. These cookies are SO GOOD. As soon as September hits, I am all about fall and winter and spiced everything.

Along with my favorite flavors of cookies, I hoard collect cookie cutters. This summer I found the perfect one at the Minnesota State Fair. I found a Minnesota cookie cutter!

If anyone knows anything about me, is that I love Minnesota. To death.

Anywho... here are my cookies from Christmas!