Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring break... or is it?

Well, I'm nearly done with my spring break from school.

However, it seems as if winter and spring are constantly battling.

Minnesota, get your shit together.

I told myself I would take photos upon photos during break but that has yet to happen... oops!

I have been editing and uploading though, so that's good. I'm currently waiting for a new lens to pop up in the mail, and I am SO EXCITED. I'm a little nervous to start the new quarter, as always, but I think all will be okay because I'm back to a 3 class schedule, 2 days a week. Maybe for summer I will take 4 again and take generals.

I cannot talk myself out of summer school this year! I need to power through to just get shit done!

On Valentine's day, Sean proposed to me. Obviously I said yes... and we are thinking of having our wedding next fall.. SOOOOOOooOOoo... hopefully I can be graduated, or close to it by that time. EEP. =D

I'm pretty pumped though for tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow I get to have lunch with one of my classmates, and hopefully we are going to go get new running shoes! I feel I would enjoy running more [than I naturally can.. by which I mean running can suck it, but I'll do it] if I had shoes that I've been fitted for and aren't just the new Nikes. Friday I'm having lunch with my best friend and then we are hanging out with a newer friend [to me] and playing with makeup/possibly doing photos.


Now, some stuff I've uploaded tonight.