Monday, January 9, 2017

December 2016 Empties!

Once again, empties are super late as ever, but oh well.

Also, again, apologies for the crap photos, but hey, they are photos of my trash so why do we care so much?

Here is what was used up in December!

 This Honeycrisp Apple Candle from B&BW smelled amazing, as did the Vampire Blood Pocket Bac Hand Sanitizer, AND the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Wallflower that was in my guest bathroom. Also this free sample of the Crest 3D White Whitestrips was awesome. I would totally buy these monthly 1 hour ones over the daily ones. I do have sensitive teeth, so that's why I don't like the 14 day ones or whatever they come in now. But this one was SUPER sticky and actually stuck to my teeth, not just move around and taste all nasty. I mean, it still tasted nasty but it STUCK. AND made a noticeable difference.
I don't always looooove Lush Body Conditioners, but I loved that they came out with the Snow Fairy scent in this formula for the holidays. This was a tad thicker & richer in my opinion than the usual ones, so I mostly used this on my legs because they get the most dry in the winter. I liked it, probably wouldn't repurchase in this formula again. I still buy the body wash every year though. And I went through another Burberry Brit Sheer perfume. It's my favorite. Apart from the bottle being pink, they recently redid the bottle and it looks so fancy. Also, my mom uses this so I usually buy 2 bottles when I repurchase. I know, spendy, but we both love this perfume SO MUCH. So of course, it'll probably get discontinued soon; that always happens to scents we love.

Speaking of scents I love.... This Hempz Body Lotion in White Peppermint & Vanilla IS SO FUCKING GOOD. This is also so fucking old, as in like 2 years. But it's so good. I think they released it or a similar scent this past holiday season. So I may pick it up. But I do have a giant bottle of this stuff still. This is one of the only Hempz scents I can stand though, a lot of them, especially the good LE ones end up giving me a headache. Which sucks because I love the formula of their lotion. It sinks in so fast.
 As usual, I used up some Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Soak. This Lavender one is my favorite. I used a bottle of Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass Body Wash from Growing Blue Flowers. I don't see her selling this on her website but the smell was great and she sells other products in this scent. I liked thinking of it as a mini-smudge in the shower. Without all the smoke ;]

3 bath bombs from my current favorite, Witch Baby Soap. The Dead By Dawn one was awesome, coffin shaped and smelled amazing. Wolf Moon is by far one of their best scents ever and it was full of glitter! Winter Moon was awesome as well and was from the Winter Spell Box.
 This Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo from Paul Mitchell was mostly a husband empty, but damn these smell good. Another L'Oreal Ever Pure Repair & Defend Conditioner bites the dust. I'm really loving experimenting with the different formulas in this line of hair care!
 I used up more of my favorite Shiseido Facial Cottons and the Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water. I have repurchased both, but I am keeping and reusing the Bioderma bottle, because the dispenser is the best. I used a 3 pack of Sephora Razors & Clinique's Acne Solutions Clearing Gel. I love that stuff, as it's less harsh than benzoyl peroxide, which I am extremely sensitive to.

Yay! Makeup empties!

I FINALLY used up this small but mighty tub of By Terry Balm de Rose Lip Balm. It was nice, but I would never buy a full size. I really enjoyed the Benefit They're Real Tinted Lash Primer! I could see myself buying a full size in the future. Another Urban Decay Brow Tamer in Clear, my #1 Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper [fancy LE packaging], this amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills Gel Eyeliner in Darkside [SO GOOD. Would repurchase], MAC's Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation in NW20 [another soon to be repurchase] and finally the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. I'm so excited to try out their new versions of setting sprays! Not sure if they're reformulated or just repackaged, though...

What have you used up lately??

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Pan That Palette 2017

Happy New Year!

This year, I wanted to try to pan/finish a whole makeup palette.

I chose a palette that I actually just hit pan on one shade and I feel like I haven't had it that long! When was it released again? This summer?

So it might be a cheat palette since I've already hit pan on one of the shades, but I don't care. This is a new project for me and doing new things is a must for 2017.

So yep, I'm panning and hopefully FINISHING the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. This is one of my all time favorite palettes, and I've even thought about buying a back up. I know it's permanent, but still.

Now, these shades are pretty powdery but really, a little goes a long way when using this. 

This is where I'm at currently when starting this project. As you can tell, Tempera, Buon Fresco, Cyprus Umber, Primavera and Venetian Red are my favorites. But really, Venentian Red is one of my favorite all time red shades. I LOVE RED EYESHADOW. However, Realgar is creeping up on the most used list as well. Orange shades are great as well for my blue eyes.

I'm really excited about this, and like I've said before, I may actually buy a back up of this palette. As far as I know, ABH doesn't have all of these shades as permanent single shadows. I know Buon Fresco is sold as a single, so I may actually pick that up as well. I love it as a transition shade.

Hopefully, I'll be able to update this project during the first week of every month. I think it's a good palette to start my panning journey in life. hahaha

Sunday, December 25, 2016

2017 Goals

Every new year, I give myself goals & I guess resolutions. .
Every new year, I don't fulfill them, really.

And at the end of every new year, I dread even thinking about goals, but I still try.

Most of these goals, I've already been trying to get a start on, but of course... they're always fitting for the new year!

- Drink more water, less soda. Now, I'm not sure if I could ever completely give it up. Really. But La Croix has been helping to get the bubbly feeling and I'm trying to stick to holidays & cocktails for needing a soda.

- Appreciate exercise. I could write a book about how much I wish I loved working out. Overall, I also want to be more active in general. Especially during the winter months. Minnesota in the winter is magical! As long as you stay off of the highways. haha

- ACTUALLY get the lady balls to start a YouTube channel. I just need the patience and the credit to give myself for working at it and posting things even if they aren't 100% perfect/how I envision it.

- BLOG BETTER. Charge my camera, use lighting or actually work to get my photos to the quality I know I can deliver. Also blog more often. I have so much to say, so much makeup to play with and no one to talk to about it in my real life.

- SPEND LESS or go on a low buy. I've been trying to low buy but of course, all of the holiday sets or new releases came out and then Sephora sends out a $25 off of $50 [I think that's what it was], so I couldn't pass that up. But really, spend less. Which leads me to....

- MOAR EMPTIES! Use up what I have and love! I'm a sucker for new new new or switching things up when I get bored. More pan! More empties!

- Be more adventurous with lipstick! I own so many cool bold colors, but I'm so timid when it comes to picking out a lipstick for the day. I also love doing eye makeup in crazy colors but maybe it's time for my lips to do the talking!

So far, I think that's about it for goals. These are definitely doable and I'm excited to revisit these at the end of 2017. I'm just ready for 2016 to be over. hahaha

What are some of your goals for the upcoming new year? Or just for the near future if you don't do resolutions?

Monday, December 12, 2016

November 2016 Empties

Heyo it's me, still bad at blogging!

I just had an insanely long, difficult but fun weekend having Sean's side's Christmas! I loved having it this early in the month and for a weekend. We had an ugly sweater party, Christmas party & a baby shower all in 3 days. It was full of people, but I feel good about it all. I miss my niece & nephew already. My other nephew couldn't make it as he is battling leukemia, but his brother got to come up so it was nice to hang out with him and take him sledding.

Anywho, on to my trash! Again, had to use my iphone for these photos, so ignore that.

 First off, I'm really bummed to be tossing this La Vanilla Healthy Deodorant in the Sport version. This smells amazing and I've always loved this brand for deodorants, but I started to notice that this would really irritate my pits. I would have to alternate days & other deodorants but I'm getting to this point where I'm like, if this irritates my skin & isn't blowing my mind, why keep it? So, bye! Secondly, this Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub is amazing. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. I ran through this so fast, because I love scrubs. IT'S SO GOOD. SO EXPENSIVE THOUGH WHYYYYY. I loved this Fortune Cookie Soap Polyjuice Potion Body Wash. My absolute favorite scent from them! I'm giving away this sample of the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose Perfume. I tried to wear it one day because I thought it was nice, but it's one of those perfumes that does NOT smell good with my body chemistry. So glad I got the sample rather than blind buy, which I do all the time. It just sucks because the full size bottle of this is SO GORGEOUS. Feel free to send me your empty one. hahaha
 I used up this L'Oreal Ever Pure Repair & Defend Shampoo. I really liked it, it was so nice and gentle with my colored hair. I did not like this Matrix So Silver Shampoo. I probably don't truly need a purple shampoo until my color is really faded, but this was nice and vivid purple, but it irritated my scalp hardcore. I used up my Overtone Vibrant Purple Weekly Treatment. I still don't use this weekly or I'd be using 2 jars a month, but I used it before our last Vikings home game and it turned out pretty good. Going to go for the next level of intensity next time.
 Not much in the makeup department, and not really even skincare! This is my second Clinique Smart Repair Serum I've used. I do like this stuff. I keep trying to find something I like better, but so far nothing has compared to this. I used a sample of Erno Laszlo Eye Refiner that I received along with my cleansing kit from Influenster. This was a pretty nice eye cream! I'm not sure how much the full size is, but if it's not too bad, I might pick it up. I'm sad that my Smashbox Primer Water is gone! I loved this stuff and once I use up a few more primers, I'd like to repurchase this.
OOH Autumn is like one of my top favorite B&BW scents.  This candle was amazing. And the Boo candle was great as well but didn't burn down as far as I had hoped.... especially for the money. When the fall scents came out, I ordered this pack of all of the hand soaps in those scents and I really loved this Autumn Spiced Strawberry Deep Cleansing Hand Soap. It wasn't too fruity & sickly sweet like you'd expect. It was really fucking nice! Also used up another favorite scent in a Wallflower, Sweater Weather. And lastly, this sad ass Glade Candle. I don't even remember what scent it was. It burned fucking awful.
Randoms time. These Up & Up Cotton Rounds were nice. I usually always buy the 3 pack of them. Lots of bath bombs! From Witch Baby Soap I used Blood & Milk which smells amazing, Psychic which also smells great, and the Mourning Moon one during the full moon in November. I adore the moon bath bombs that come in the Spell Boxes each quarter. Finally, I used the Boo Bath Melt from Lush! I loved it.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Quick Lifestyle Update

Well, I wish I had better news about my whole I'm gonna lose weight! shit, but I don't.

I did lose about 3 pounds so far, but I am attributing that to stress more than anything.

I have been using a food service, much like Blue Apron, but this one is a Minnesota company that uses local ingredients. Plus I think their recipes are more my style. I've been LOVING every recipe I've gotten. Even the ones I wasn't that crazy about have been fixable. It's getting me to love cooking again and I've been keeping my favorite recipes to remake in the future.

I also have been feeling a lot better lately because I am finally getting some answers to my breathing issues. I'm on an inhaled medication that I take once in the morning and at night. I've barely even used my rescue inhaler since I've started this. Now, I can work out and only feel a little like dying [like normal] rather than actually feeling like my airway is for real closing. 

So overall, I feel like I'm in this weird life is sucking but also going better at the same time?
Seems like such is life. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

October 2016 Empties [okay, a little November too]

Hey buddies!

I was going to post these a couple weeks ago but never got around to it but then I figured I would anyways, even if it's a bit of November empties.


Also, when I came back from Chicago, I found that both of my camera batteries had died. So I just used my phone for these photos, because I could not stand to have this trash in my life any longer. HA

My favorite Lavender Epsom Salt Soak from Dr. Teal's; the scent isn't too heavy and goes good with most other bath products. I love mixing & matching. 3 bath bombs from Witch Baby Soap! The Hunter's Moon was AMAZING and I am SO fucking pumped they're bringing it back for Black Friday I believe. Fairy Cake was super fun & sparkly! And the Hallowmas was amazing as well. Great fall scent, cute Jack O Lantern mold! Also from Witch Baby Soap was the Cafeomancy Body Scrub. It was a nice coffee scrub but made for a messy tub! haha but for real, Witch Baby Soap has quickly become one of my favorite companies to buy body care from! Lastly, this isn't technically used up but a little bit of it is left in the shower. It's the Blizzard bar soap from Blue Heron Soap Co., my mom and I buy from this brand every year at the Minnesota State Fair. Awesome soap company.

Used up a Bath & Body Works Wallflower in Leaves [my favorite] and a candle in Pumpkin Woods. That candle smelled amazing! OOOOH and rare husband empty: Ralph Lauren Polo Red Cologne. We both really love this scent so anytime I can get a sample size, I will.

Another Overtone Conditioner in Vibrant Purple. I've switched to the Extreme Purple and I've been liking that one better. Another conditioner was the L'Oreal Ever Pure Repair & Defend Conditioner. I love this stuff! 

I tried a sample of the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Facial Toning Mist. First off, what a tiny sample for something that's SO hyped up. And then the spritzer sucked balls and went everywhere but my face! haha, but anyways, I didn't see any difference, but I'd try it again. I used a sample of the Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel. It was okay! Happy to get and use a sample of it. I'd take my other samples traveling with me.

I went through a Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. I do like this stuff and use it religiously day and night. I'm trying a different variation of this now to see if I like it more, but I'm wondering if I want something stronger? Different? I'm not sure yet but I really do love the Paula's Choice products lately. Also used the Tea Tree Water Toner Water from Lush. I love this stuff and I like switching between this and my Rodan & Fields Unblemish Toner. Finally used up this Origins No Puffery Eye Gel. It was nice but I'd try something new.

OOOH MAKEUP. Ok, so I used the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, I liked it but I had to use a brush to work it into my skin rather than use my fingers. Would use up other samples of it, not sure I'd buy the full size. I know this isn't technically makeup but nail stuff but I didn't know where else to put it. I used a sample size of the Formula X Shine Top Coat. I love this top coat and emptied the hard to get stuff into my full size. I used up my favorite Urban Decay Eyeliner of all time in Rockstar. Best plummy purple ever! It always feels so great to use up a foundation! I used the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation [in whatever the lightest shade is]. I'd buy it again after I use up a couple more!

I HATE THIS NARS AUDACIOUS MASCARA. I tried using primers and what not but I just couldn't do it anymore. I even would use disposable wands with it but that's not the point of buying a ridiculously expensive shitty mascara. I do, however, love the Dior Diorshow Mascara and Too Faced Better Than Sex. I'm impressed with myself for using up a whole Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light. I'm trying a different shade of this now but I'd definitely buy this again. I LOVE IT for setting my undereye.

Alright, lastly, weird random shit!
Used up some Ulta Dual Tipped Cotton Applicators. These are awesome to have around! I love all shapes of q-tips. You never know when you'll need em! Also Ulta Exfoliating Cotton Rounds, hated them. Wet Wipes, my favorite for cleaning up around the sink. This Method Hand Soap in Juicy Pear that we had in the kitchen. It smelled nice, like Pear Jelly Bellys, but I wouldn't repurchase. And Equaline Cotton Ovals. They were okay in a pinch!

What have you used up? Anything that makes you feel accomplished?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

EOTD - My Pretty Zombie 'The Vapors' & 'Old Bruise'

Hey guys! Do you ever just get the feeling to use weird colors or go grab a few neglected singles [or unopened!] to use for the day? I had that feeling.

I decided to pick out a couple of My Pretty Zombie eyeshadows I haven't used yet and thought that the matte yellow Old Bruise and beautiful burgundy/red/blue shifting The Vapors would be a fun challenge. Initially, I wanted to use a lot more of Old Bruise but I shied away and stuck to what I was comfortable with. I do like this combination of colors though! I will definitely use them together again.

I also wanted to use my Tarte Tarteist Clay Liner in Navy instead of black. I think this made the look really cool as well. It's almost like using primary colors.

 Also I had to throw my cute little Paw Palette in the photo too! I've been LOVING this tiny size with a ring on the back. I stick it on my thumb while I use my brow pomade and gel liner and it's so easy then to hold a mirror up as well. Great tiny work space. I do have a normal [like, original] palette with the wrist band for larger amounts of product but I just don't use it that much so it's in my Halloween/costume kit.

So yes, Coffin Mini Palette, KVD [don't judge me on how old this liner is, still works great] Autograph Liner in Fool's Gold, MPZ Old Bruise & The Vapors, Tarteist Navy Liner, KVD Thunderstruck [my baby].

 Ugh, how pretty!

Natural Light.
 I took this mostly so you can see the shift in The Vapors. Natural light.
 Natural light.