Monday, May 12, 2014

Perspective on a Monday

Today has been a weird Monday.

I feel like I've had a crazy roller coaster ride all day today.

I listened to some great music on my way to school, only to have my red bull spill in my cup holder, so tomorrow I will be cleaning that mess up...

School just seemed to drag on today.

I registered for Summer quarter, and needless to say, I'm going to be in for a doozy of a schedule. So far all 5 week days will have at least one class. However, I feel like this will be just fine as August through November will be crazy with wedding shenanigans for my cousins and friends. Also, Sean's cabin is getting a bunch of stuff worked on it this summer and so it would be hard to get up there in general or get up there for a weekend alone with Sean.

I was really bummed out over my midterm grades this quarter. I feel like they are always disappointing though... I just don't feel like midterm grades are good representation of how things are really going.

Even though my afternoon was crap, there was some amazing news today.

Sean's newest nephew, Finn Thomas was born this morning! With such a rough year, Sean's family really needed this little blessing to come into the world. I'm really hoping Sean and I can go visit in a month or so once things have settled and I'm on school break.

Just tonight, I've felt the strong urge to start writing in my journal again... I usually end up writing such negative things that I don't want to look back on, that I rip the pages out and get rid of them. So I'm going to try to be as positive as I can with my blog posts, and with my journal entries.

Although I have had a trying and boring day, it has been a good one.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Werewolf Fur [EOTD]

Wednesday while I was skipping school, I wanted to create a fun eye look.

I've been deeply neglecting my blue and silver shadows lately, and especially my favorite indies from Victorian Disco Cosmetics!

And lately, I've been interested in mixing different bases with shadows to create really fun colors/finishes.

So mainly what I used [not mentioning primer/eyebrows/black eyeliner because I feel you can really use any brand] was:

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Blue Paradise for a base
Victorian Disco Cosmetics eyeshadow in Werewolf Fur [part of her awesome Harry Potter collection!] on top of the color tattoo
Kat von D's eyeliner in Wonderchild on the bottom lash line/waterline
Smashbox's Dark Matte Blue from the Santigolden Age palette to top/smudge the KvD eyeliner
Lancome's Liner Design in Indigo Darling to line the upper lash line and create wing
Kat von D's liquid liner pen in Trooper in a tiny thin line along the lash line, defines the wing a bit
Kat von D's Immortal Lash 24 hour mascara in Puro Amor
Too Faced shadow in White Chocolate [matte, on bottom lid, under and to set the liner] and Champagne Truffle [shimmery, to highlight brow bone] from the Chocolate Bar palette

Is this palette not the most gorgeous thing ever?! I've used it a couple times and it breaks my heart to use it, but that's what I bought it for!

Detail shots of the mascara.... it's not my favorite. The formula is okay, but I hate the brush. It's very poky.

Not the greatest photo of the Victorian Disco shadow, but I love it. I love anything she creates! Again, this is Werewolf Fur. A very shimmery/glittery grey/silver.


Natural light

hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Quarter

Oh my god I really need to stop posting once a month. So I am taking initiative to fix that.

I just got finished with Midterms... and I skipped school all day today.

I am a great student, obviously.

My Studio midterms didn't go as well as I was hoping, but honestly, I sort of just gave up after shooting half of them. I'll make posts for those in a few days.

Random, but I am finding Sriracha all over myself today. I made some macaroni and cheese [boxed] and went to put Sriracha on it because it's addicting, and it squirted everywhere and then when I cleaned that up, opened it back up to put more on my mac, it exploded and thankfully none got in my eye, but it came prettttttty close. IT BURNNNSSSSS haha

OKAY, time to go edit some photos and get some posts scheduled. =]