Sunday, December 31, 2017

Empties - Oct 2017

Uffda another late post. Happy New Year's Eve! haha, these are my October empties.

First off - I used 12 bath bombs. I didn't include a photo because they're awful photos hahaha

I love getting samples of the Porefessional Primer from Benefit. I really tried to give the Becca Ever Matte Primer a chance but I hated it. Not sure if it was too old or just shitty anyways. It was time to get rid of my two Clinique Chubby Lash Mascaras in [I think] Black Honey and Portly Plum but they were both beautiful!!! I'd definitely repurchase if I can find them. I forever love the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara. I brought this Dior Diorshow Mascara to London with me but it was nearly dried out! That sucked but I made it work for week. This BrowGal Brow Gel by Tonya Crooks was amazing. I need to buy another! The Wet N Wild Lash Primer was pretty good especially for the price! 
 Used up some Up & Up Cotton Rounds, Personna Eyebrow Shapers, Q-tips, Colgate Total Toothpaste and some Anna Sui Blotting Papers. They were alright, I just honestly wanted the compact that held the papers.
 I used up Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Toner; I liked it, it was basic but good. Also this MAC Fast Response Eye Cream was nice. Took forever to use up though! Another Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water. My favorite!
I still love the GlamGlow Super Mud Mask, but I have yet to repurchase it. I ended up using up my Lush Herbalism Face/Body Wash quick because I hated it and used it on my shoulders. I LOVE Lush's Dark Angels though. I don't mind using a quick swipe of micellar water after a shower when I use this. Another pack of Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes.. a travel staple for me. Also this I Dew Care Pure to the Pore Mask I got from Ulta in a variety pack.

 I was really sad to see this Witch Baby Soap Midnight Mass Bath Potion go but it can't last forever. I also was sad to learn earlier this year that this line of body care from Victoria's Secret was discontinued. The Shea scent is my favorite and so of course it had to go! I used up this Smoothing Scrub Wash in the Shea scent. Wasn't super scrubby but the smell is just so good.

Very exciting to use up a body oil even if it's a baby one! haha this is the Hallowmas Body Oil from Witch Baby Soap. One of their best scents ever! This body oil had orange glitter in it that stayed on the body pretty decently. This Body Shop Body Scrub in Spiced Apple was nice. I found these little guys at TJ Maxx so I bought a ton of them. Tree Hut also has amazing scrubs! This Passion Fruit & Guava one smelled amazing. Also from Witch Baby Soap [can you tell I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM?!] was the Graveyard Body Scrub. This was super floral but it mellowed out on my skin after the shower so it mixed well with some of my perfumes. This was such a creamy lovely scrub. I have a huge back stock of scrubs from them.
 As far as soaps go, we went through Ghoul Friend from B&BW. I think this was a berry type of scent? I always get the Halloween soaps!!!! Also  from B&BW was Winter White Woods. I wanna say I actually bought this because my cousin had it in her bathroom and it smelled so good! The bottle says it's white birch, juniper and vanilla. It was kind of complex but so yummy!

And surprise! More Witch Baby Soap... the Wheel of Fortune bar soap and the Beast bar soap. Wheel of Fortune smelled so good I bought almost everything I could in that scent. Beast was also nice. It was a 'man' soap so it smelled like good cologne. My husband LOVES Witch Baby's bar soaps.

 I've been really slow on burning up my candle collection. Not sure why, I'm just not feelin them lately. But this Black Cherry Merlot candle from B&BW smelled yummy. I know it's a fave for a lot of people. Also from B&BW are these two Wallflowers in Pumpkin Apple and a mystery scent I didn't have a tag for! I burned up this Pumpkin Spice candle from Target that I won at my bestie's bachelorette weekend. It kinda sucked but what do you expect from that fun dollar section at Target?
As for hair care, we tried to use up a bunch of stuff before moving. My husband loves Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner from Aveda so we usually buy the big ones. He takes a while to go through them, hence the nasty bottles. I'm tossing the Aveda Hair Potion because it went bad, but I bought a new one! I love this stuff. I used up two Macadamia Hair Masques because they're amazing.

This L'Oreal Color Vibrancy Conditioner was pretty nice, I loved the smell. In a recent Fab Fit Fun box, I received this dp Hue ACV Rinse [pretty much just Apple Cider Vinegar in a bottle] and holyyyyy shit I loved this! It actually worked as my only wash some mornings and left my hair so silky and bled my purple way less than even most hair care lines for colored hair.

I used up Klorane's Dry Shampoo which is one of my favorites. Also in the dry shampoo range was from Lush, the No Drought Dry Shampoo which is my for real number 1 dry shampoo. Forever repurchasing!!!!

Anywho, even though I say this every post..... I am hoping to do better with my blog in the new year!!

Have a safe and happy new year folks!

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