Sunday, November 6, 2016

EOTD - My Pretty Zombie 'The Vapors' & 'Old Bruise'

Hey guys! Do you ever just get the feeling to use weird colors or go grab a few neglected singles [or unopened!] to use for the day? I had that feeling.

I decided to pick out a couple of My Pretty Zombie eyeshadows I haven't used yet and thought that the matte yellow Old Bruise and beautiful burgundy/red/blue shifting The Vapors would be a fun challenge. Initially, I wanted to use a lot more of Old Bruise but I shied away and stuck to what I was comfortable with. I do like this combination of colors though! I will definitely use them together again.

I also wanted to use my Tarte Tarteist Clay Liner in Navy instead of black. I think this made the look really cool as well. It's almost like using primary colors.

 Also I had to throw my cute little Paw Palette in the photo too! I've been LOVING this tiny size with a ring on the back. I stick it on my thumb while I use my brow pomade and gel liner and it's so easy then to hold a mirror up as well. Great tiny work space. I do have a normal [like, original] palette with the wrist band for larger amounts of product but I just don't use it that much so it's in my Halloween/costume kit.

So yes, Coffin Mini Palette, KVD [don't judge me on how old this liner is, still works great] Autograph Liner in Fool's Gold, MPZ Old Bruise & The Vapors, Tarteist Navy Liner, KVD Thunderstruck [my baby].

 Ugh, how pretty!

Natural Light.
 I took this mostly so you can see the shift in The Vapors. Natural light.
 Natural light.

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