Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Year of Empties - 2016


About time I take some time to sit down and write this.

At the end of 2015, I had watched a video of [Cherish] PrettyPistol86's yearly empties. She saves up more than I do, I believe but I wanted to save up all of my makeup empties. So from primers to setting sprays, these are all that I used up in 2016.

So, overall, I finished:

3 setting sprays [2 had gone missing by this time.... and of course I found them right after disposing of these]
7 primers
4 foundations
1 concealer
2 lip products
3 brow pencils
4 brow gels
4 liquid liners
3 pencil liners
4 face powders
15 mascaras [primer included]

Also the chubby lip pencil and two liners at the bottom were declutter items.

And yes, I'm saving this 2017's empties as well. And I did save my MAC packaging!

It feels pretty cool to see the makeup products I was able to get through in a year!

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