Monday, February 20, 2017

Finish 17 in '17 Update 1

Well, not keeping my blogging goal up so far this year but I took these a couple of weeks ago.

So far I'm happy with most of the progress I've been making. For now, I don't think I'll post comparison photos edited together but I'm thinking of doing that every 3 months or so. So next one I can do that.

So far I'm happy with my progress on this Maybelline powder. I hit pan quite quickly.  A little tough to see but I'm starting to get a dip in my blush so that's exciting! I try to wear it 5/7 days of the week.

Dip Brow is taking as long as I was expecting, but I still use it every time I wear makeup. This gel liner has been getting more love lately, but it's just always so hard to tell. I've taken a bit of a break from this Sexy Mama powder in order to work more on the Maybelline powder, but every so often I'll use this to touch up.

Also a bit hard to see, but miniscule progress on my KVD Primer. But I've been working more on it. Happy with my KVD Foundation progress though. Lately I've been mixing it with other foundations but it's still getting use.

I hope you can see where I am on this mini KVD polish. Again, didn't have it on my fingers when taking the photo, but I do have it on my toes.

Not even enough progress on the MAC prep & prime to mark, but I have been using the lip liner & lip balm more. Also, still hard to tell progress on KVD Lovecraft Liquid Lippie but I do use this nearly every day as it's such an easy color for me.

Pretty confident I can use up this Cleansing Oil soon. Also, couldn't even really mark the Ben Nye powder... it's lasting forever!!!!

Getting great use out of my Hempz lotion. I keep it in my living room on the end table and use it a ton on my hands and arms.

Annoying but I have been using this FCS cuticle oil, but it still is at that first initial mark. And barely any progress on the FCS perfume oil. I'm trying to keep it in sight to slide on when I get out of the shower.

So there we have it. Great progress on some, not so great on others. Excited to post better progress photos for next month though!!!

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