Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap 2014 Winter Soap Box

Alright - I received my second ever Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap.

For this Christmas, the theme was Old Fashioned Family Christmas.. so like Christmas Vacation style. =]

So far I'm pretty impressed with the products, but not my photo taking. I took all of these photos before going on vacation last week so I just snapped away and thought I was good. So, sorry!

Now, admittedly I haven't used most of these yet. But I'm really excited to!

First thing I saw was this guy. It's a Shower Steamer in the scent "I Pledge Allegiance, Amen!". These are just little shower steamers to make your showering experience smell nicer. haha It smells not too girly or sweet, so I'm excited to try it. I think I'll use it tomorrow morning. =]

This is a Hydrate Me bar in "Sparky". It smells like a nice dessert or bread you'd enjoy in the winter. =] Also I should try this in the shower tomorrow! So far these two products are new to me and did not show up in my previous box so I definitely had to look up exactly what they do and how I should use them. haha. 

I've always hated using hand sanitizers because I HATE the alcohol smell and how they felt so drying. Until I tried FCS OCD Hand Sanitizers. Seriously I love them. I have 3 now. The Polyjuice Potion scent is my favorite [and it has glitter so I'm automatically going to like it] This scent is "Mele Kalikimaka" which is Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. =] I took this with me to the Bahamas for vacation and it was well used. It smells very tropical and like a few drinks I enjoyed whilst on vacation. They don't dry your hands out, too!

This label-less gem is a mystery fragrance Deep Conditioner. For now, I'll just call it "Christmas Bonus" as the card calls it. It smells nice; I have yet to try it but I know I need to because vacation wreaked havoc on my hair! It's so tiny though! I'll definitely have to focus it on my ends. 

Winner for most interesting scent name is this Whipped Soap in "Fried Pussycat". One of my favorite parts of the movie and I am actually almost out of this already! I would totally buy more Whipped Soaps from FCS after this guy. The scent is nice and warm and smells so Holiday-ish.

I think this itty bitty jar was accidentally label-less, but it's the Cuticle Butter in "Moose Mug". I want to eat this cuticle butter! You hardly need any, so this will last me a lifetime. It sinks in so fast and so nicely that you won't feel all oily and gross. 

This is the Whipped Cream/Body Butter in "Jelly of the Month Club". It's nice and thick like I was expecting. The scent is a bit sweeter than I like, but so far all of my body butters from FCS have been a tad sweet. The scent doesn't stay intense for long though and they stay nice and hydrating. 

Finally the Fortune Cookie Soap!!!! As you can see, the scent is "Tis the Season to be Mary". This smells very soap like and perfumey. Not girly or sweet, just like a hint of soap under the scent. It's not bad, but not my favorite. 

Again, I'm pretty happy with my box and can't wait to try the remainder of my products!!!

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