Monday, December 7, 2015

November 2015 Empties

Getting back on track a bit with the blog, so I figured I'd post my empties from November!

Alrighty, so I used this [kinda old] sample of Benefit's Big Easy Liquid to Powder Foundation. I had the shade 3 Light/Medium which worked okay with my current complexion. At first, I loved this stuff, although it felt more like a BB cream than a foundation. At the end of the tube though, it just seemed to not mesh with my skin well at all. 
I also used up Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and Stila's Huge Extreme Mascara. I LOVE the Better Than Sex Mascara.. it's one of my faves/most repurchased. The Stila mascara was like a not so much dupe for Better Than Sex, but very similar. The formula was more wet and the wand wasn't as great. I should've taken a photo of the wands, but I didn't think to at the time. Also I used up this Touch In Sol Stretchex Mascara. I got it in the Sephora Favorites Superstars set. This mascara sucked. Did nothing for me. Not even with my Dior mascara primer. 
I loved the Stila One Step Correct Primer. It was the one with the swirly colors in the bottle, like green and pinky/lavender to mix all together to try to tone down any redness and dullness of the skin. Again, I really liked it but it took a while to use up because it didn't do anything for oil control. So I would use this more as a moisturizer because it was so lightweight and just felt so nourishing. And I would use it on days I had time to double prime. I think I'll buy it again once I get through some more primers and such. 
Finally, my last bottle of Victoria's Secret Prime & Set Makeup Spray is gone! Ugh, I loved this shit. I found out about it because of Biohazardous Beauty. She loved it so I picked it up and fell in love. AND THEN OF COURSE WHEN VS GOT RID OF THEIR MAKEUP, THEY GOT RID OF THIS GEM. I know it's technically a beauty product too, but IT WAS SO GOOD. It smelled great, felt great, worked well... so when they had all beauty on like, super clearance, I picked up like 5 and they are finally all gone. WAH.

I brought this Nude Perfect Cleanse Oil with me on my road trip from Tucson to Seattle and it was super nice. It didn't remove ALL of my eye makeup, but it helped take off a lot and was really gentle without leaving an oily residue. I would think about picking up a full size if I were out of cleansing oils. And I used up my favorite mask ever, GlamGlow Supermud. I will buy this probably forever. I use it maybe 3 times a month or more if I'm seriouslyyyyy lacking on the skin care.
Last time I went to Lush I asked if they had this crazy moisturizer that I had been seeing on blogs and stuff. She asked if I meant Magical Moringa and I was like BINGO. It looks like a cuticle balm in texture, but you touch it and it melts into an oil looking product, but it blends into your skin AND STAYS MATTE. Now, this isn't a truly magical product for me, as I have found out with my sample, but it's super cool, smells good and I may have to go buy a small tub of it. I still have to figure out what skincare products I can use with this and what doesn't work with it, but I'm willing to try! I found that if it didn't get along with a skincare product, it would ball up on application, but it's still so good and really really awesome on no makeup/minimal product days.
I have been using these Klorane Eye Patches when I need a little help on my under eyes. They feel so cool and hydrating. I have a ton of these from subscription services and stuff... love them.

Anytime I travel, I go to Target and grab a bunch of these Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo & Conditioners. I don't buy these in the full size for everyday use, but when I am too lazy to transfer my usual hair stuff into smaller bottles, which is usually always, I go for these. They have my favorite scent. I usually have to buy 2 conditioners for every 1 shampoo. Hashtag long hair life. This Lush Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo was an unexpected surprise for me. My cousin bought us a GIANT gift box from Lush for our wedding gift and so I am mostly making my way through the products... Sean just loves bath bombs and what not. ANYWAY.... I wasn't sure I wanted to use this because I hate the smell of honey but I just went for it and it was such a great shampoo. As much as I don't like the scent of honey, this does leave your hair perfumed for a day or two which is always nice to smell nice.. And this left my hair SO SOFT. UGH. I also probably need to pick this up next time I'm in Lush. And as always, a John Freida Radiant Red Conditioner. I've probably used a million of these products, and actually I am probably using the last of my stash for good! Major hair changes coming up!!!! It's an okay product but I can never find shit for red hair... hint hint companies.

Another travel product and new favorite was the Olay Fresh Outlast Cooling Bodywash in White Strawberry and Mint. OH MY GOD IT SMELLS SO GOOD. I need to buy the full size like yesterday. I want to drink it. And I used up this Philosophy Vanilla Coconut Shower Gel. I found this at Marshalls or TJ Maxx in their awesome beauty section. I love finding a lot of Philosophy and Body Shop products there... and this smelled SO YUM. I used it mostly for bubble baths, but it was a pretty standard body wash too.. I have a ton of Philosophy body washes.

I bought this Crest White Luxe Toothpaste right before my wedding and was surprised with how well it worked and brightened my teeth. Repurchased! And Up & Up Cotton Rounds. I always buy the 3 packs of these because I use them for EVERYTHING.
Last year, I was obsessed with this scent from Bath & Body Works, so I loved that I found the Foaming Hand Soap in Crisp Morning Air and I have a couple more.. it's so yummy. And I adore anything Peach scented... so as soon as I bought the Golden Peach Sparkle 3 Wick Candle, I burned it and when I burn candles, I practically burn them from after I shower til I go to bed if I stay at home all day.. I go through candles quick, but I don't mind because I have a shit ton of them stocked up.

Whew, that was a long one, but I guess I'm just chatty tonight! Happy Empties!

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