Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 Favorites

HOLY GUACAMOLE more than a month since my last post! eek.

Anywayyyyssssss.... I just figured I'd update with the stuff I've been loving this month.

So up top there is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation [phew!] in Fair Neutral. Obviously in love with this powder by the size of my pan showing through.. I didn't like the sponge that came with this though. Adds such great coverage and when I use my damp beauty blender to apply this, I don't get as oily throughout the day. 

Below that is the Lather AHA Hand Creme with Evening Primrose that I received in a Fab Fit Fun box this past winter. Still loving it, taking forever to go through, doesn't leave my hands too oily and smells amazing. 

On the right is the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation. I am in the shade 101 Classic Ivory. I usually hate drugstore foundations but I am obsessed with this one and have used it almost every day. I like it best applied with a beauty blender. I still set my face with a powder when I use this but it looks gorgeous and covers really nicely. 

The new MAC palettes are amazing. I have this one, Burgundy x 9 and the Purple x 9, but really... the burgundy version is the best. Ever. For me, it's always hard to figure out which eyeshadows to buy when I step into MAC, so it's nice to get a 9 pan palette with such variety and some familiar [but not owned] shades. Hands down my favorite is the middle one on the bottom, which is Star Violet... makes my blue eyes just pop. I do own Embark, which is the very middle one, but that's alright because I like it. These pans are small, like dime sized, but the size of the whole palette is handy and the price isn't too bad for 9 eyeshadows that I own a million similar shades of. [But this is amazing and you should go buy one of these]

And finally, the beautiful tube of awesomeness at the bottom. This is the Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in 08 Flannel. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. These feel so light when applied, and a bit watery that I was super worried they would crease on me in an instant. The color is insane and so complex. It's like pink and gold and purple and taupe and just awesome. It's pearly and not very bold so you could wear this alone on a simple day but I've been loving this as a base for my eye looks. Usually I use a matte skin toned cream shadow but any eyeshadow looks amazing over this and in the event that your makeup fades over the day, the shimmery hint of color will still be there to pull you through. I do have 3 other colors that I need to play with, but it's just hard to stop using this amazing little gem! I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up even a couple more colors because at least one that I wanted was out of stock on Sephora - but not anymore! ;] 

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