Friday, August 1, 2014

Ipsy July '14

Okay friends..... finally another ipsy bag to report on! I have been AWFUL at doing ipsy posts since last year. Wow that is bad to say. haha

So, July's bag was definitely not my favorite. Just hot pink and it smelled funny. Someone will probably get their Christmas present in this bag! However it was nice and big. 

First, I got this Hang Ten tanning oil SPF 8. Now, if I would have gotten this and I were still in high school? I would have been all over it. But I don't even really get a 'base tan' in the summer anymore so I will not be using this. I'll probably give it to my tan friends. haha I also got this small Lord & Berry kajal liner in black silk. It's a pretty stiff pencil, and in the photo below this, the right line is the first swipe, and the left is layering it a few times. Not super great payoff but it's just another black liner laying around.

The nail polish is by Model's Own, in the shade Red Sea. I haven't worn it yet but it looks amazing. By looking at the bottle, I think it will turn out to be a nice red orange jelly like squishy color with glitter shards in it. Then I saw the BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB cream eyeshadow. I was a little put off with the color I received. I think I got Barely Nude for a shade because the other option was Divine Wine and this doesn't look very wine-y. I don't mind this stuff... but a little really does go a long way. It's really hard for me to use only on the eyelid and nowhere else because I like to use primers that have no color or are skin toned and put them from brow to under eye. I would never ever ever wear this alone because the color is not very flattering on me but it helps with neutral or darker looks. I'll use this until it runs out but I will not be purchasing the full size unless I swatched a different color in the store and fell in love. 

Last is probably my favorite thing I've gotten from ipsy in a while. It's Clear Clinics Labratories Vanished Clear Spot Treatment. That is a mouthful and I was like wow that is one tiny sample. This has salicylic acid, so I can use it. The bottle says you can apply up to 4 times a day. 

This stuff smells super strong but it works. It does a great job especially with those blemishes you can just feel are starting to form. 

natural light, bb eyeshadow and lord & berry eyeliner

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