Thursday, November 12, 2015


HOLY shit I haven't blogged in so long.

I keep meaning to. Really, I do.


I really want life to slow down.

First off - I am a married woman now. It's so weird to call Sean my husband. It's weird that I am changing my name [actually, only hyphenating =P].
It just doesn't feel different at all.

Also, I am [nervously] going to start a YouTube channel. I am so fucking nervous and scared, but I feel like I can do this. And honestly, it'll be nice to have a way to remember what products I actually used with some makeup looks... because sometimes I love my makeup so much but I forget wtf I used. HA.

I recently went on an adventure with my sister in law and nephew. We road tripped from Tucson [where they are from] to Seattle to get my nephew to the children's hospital to start T-Cell therapy to hopefully beat his leukemia once and for all.

I'll probably make my own separate posts for the wedding, my nephew, and stuff dealing with school later. I just needed to update this space.

Here's a link to my wedding day photographs, taken by the amazing Nikki Tran.

And here is a link to my nephew's CaringBridge page, for anyone interested in this brave little 3 year old.

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