Friday, January 30, 2015

Fab Fit Fun Winter 2014 Box

So, I added another quarterly subscription box to my life. OOPS!

I FINALLY got my Fab Fit Fun box last week, and I was super excited to open it. I already knew what was in it because of a few YouTube unboxing videos, but it sounded nice so I signed up.

According to the insert inside of the box, this whole box is valued at $383.59.

I am super sorry about how unorganized the photos are, but I just took a photo for every few things I pulled out of the box.

Alright - so flat things first:

I LOVE Zumba. Granted, it's been a good long while since I've actually gone to Zumba class... eek, but I do love it. I was pumped to see a work out DVD in this box, so I can do it at home. I still have yet to try it, but I am hoping to do it after I wake up a few days this week, as our music/art/guest room is currently cleared out and a perfect dancing space. Also nice to get a $25 gift card to get some Zumba gear with free shipping. [$55 value]

Next, 3 months free to Salted [$29.97], which the card says is like Netflix for cooking. I'm excited to sign up and try out some new recipes. And then there is a $30 card [but the insert says it's retailed at $18.. am I missing something here??] to Fashion Project, where you can buy pre owned clothing and accessories while part of your purchase goes to charity. I'm interested in where this will go, hopefully I can find something good! =]

This cute necklace is from Half United, which is a company that is working to fight world hunger. Half of the proceeds from everything purchased helps buy food for hungry children. I haven't been wearing a ton of jewelry lately, but I love necklaces like this. Although I do wish I would have gotten silver, but that's alright. [$34 value]. I am familiar with almond butter, so it's nice to get this Justin's Almond Butter in here. I haven't used it yet, but I think it will be nice to bring to school with me to put on top of a bagel or something I buy at a coffee shop. [$0.63 value]

This pot of Lather AHA Hand Creme with Evening Primrose is rather nice [$30 value]. At first I wasn't sure of the scent as it is obviously a little floral, but it is a bit herbal and gives it a spa like smell. It's nice and thick and this pot will last me forever! I hadn't even noticed this little bottle of Passport to Beauty Tibetan Goji Berry Intense Anti-Aging Eye Serum with Retinol [$88 value... holy shit]. I haven't tried it yet, because I still have 3 [don't judge] eye serum/cream/things opened up already. Judging by the price, this shit better make my eyes look like a million bucks. haha!

I have this Organic Valley Organic Balance Milk Protein Shake [$2.99 value] in my kitchen just staring at me. haha, I am really nervous to drink it because of a bad reaction I had last year to a Naked Juice protein shake.. like, throat closing, benadryl popping, adrenaline shot, nebulizer.... it sucked and I'm still not sure what ingredient it was that gave me that reaction.. soooo long story short: I'm not sure if I will try this or not.

I let Sean have the Special K Snack Bar in Salted Pretzel Chocolate, because he saw it and instantly wanted it. These things are so so small that I didn't want to split it but Sean said it tasted good. So there you have it. lol

I have always heard of Juice Beauty but had never tried anything, so I enjoyed getting this Green Apple Peel Sensitive [$39 value]. You really don't need a ton of it, and it did leave my skin feeling nice and soft. And then there's the Daniel Stone COCO Candle in Pomegranate [$42 value]. At first smell, I didn't  like it but I have been burning it lately and it's not so bad... I just can't burn it for hours and hours as it gets really perfumey and can give me a headache. These candles are supposed to be nice and clean burning, so we shall see...

natural light

Lastly are these two yourMinerals Eyeshadow Duo pigments in Lavender Dream and Swedish Winter  [$44 value]. These are really pretty eyeshadows, they're a bit frosty but not bad. I've used Swedish Winter as an inner corner highlight and it's pretty intense. I still need to play with Lavender Dream. 

Whew! So that's it! My fingers are tired and my brain hurts. haha but I actually really like quarterly subscription boxes.. They're a bit more expensive but I enjoy the fact that they aren't monthly, so I have time to actually use what I get before I am bombarded with more stuff.

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  1. It's a nice box! I couldn't eat the bar or the milk drink, but other than that it's nice!