Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 5

Holy crap!

Half of me can't believe it's already week 5 of school, and the other half of me wishes it were going by faster. I'm so stressed out!

Between school, house issues, bank issues, laundry, cleaning, my own health and wellbeing... I'm just pooped.


Yesterday I had to go and take a photo for a composite assignment and ended up taking a ton of photos at the Como Zoo and Conservatory. I haven't really taken photos for myself in a while.. besides makeup looks.

I'm pretty nervous about Friday, because I have to give a presentation on Beowulf in my Literature class. I like the story, I just hate giving presentations and I can hardly find time to read it [and actually concentrate on it]. Besides, I'm too distracted by the Olympics. =]

Tomorrow, I'm going to work on getting some posts queued up.. since I actually have stuff to write about lately!

Small victory today - I ran a little faster and farther at the gym! It involved me walking a few times, but I'm pretty happy... my legs, however, probably will be sad all week.


ps - Go see Monuments Men! It's such a good movie.

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